venerdì 7 settembre 2012

Power of Love

Power of Love - Figure/Grond Ambigram

Ambigrams are graphic words or sentences that can be read in more than one way.

An ambigram may be defined as an “amphibian” word (or group of words) occupying at the same time two different reading planes of a page. The distinctive feature of an ambigram is that it remains unchanged even when inverted, or reveals the coexistence of a second word when either the page is reoriented (by rotations or reflections) or when you simply change your vantage point.

Types of Ambigrams:

The most common type is the rotational ambigram. That is a word or phrase written in such a way that it appears identical or completely different when it is read upside-down.

Also known as bilateral or mirror-image symmetry, this refers to words that can be read normally before and after reflection in a mirror.

Any ambigram where both the positive (figure) and negative (ground) space read as words.

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